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Dr. Carstensen retired 3/31/16 after forty-eight years of practice. He thanks all of you who honored him by choosing him as your physician.


Philosophy – We believe that knowing you as a person is as important as knowing your medical problems. To us, medicine is a personal not a commercial relationship. We simply don't compromise on this issue.

"... the secret of the care of the patient is in caring for the patient." ...Francis W. Peabody, October, 1924.

Respect for your time and schedule – I see my patients on time.

Shared decision-making –Medical knowledge is complex. Our current medical system is also complex and often confusing. Together we are smarter than the smartest between us. The best decisions we make for your healthcare are those we make together. You have the right to be informed. You must be actively engaged in your healthcare.

Accurate, current medical information – I am proud of my certification by the American Board of Family Medicine. This validates the personal and professional commitment I make to my patients.

Prevention - “ You can get old pretty young – if you don’t take care of yourself.” – Yogi Berra. I emphasize prevention in my practice.

Accurate records – Our computerized system provides higher quality, more readily accessible recorded information. Security measures are in place for confidentiality.